Berchicci - Mr. John Occhiuto

"I am proud to recommend the services of I4 Technologies Inc. for businesses seeking to expand their sales in the online world.  Their team of experts have provided excellent service and a quality of execution in creating our online website which we have put into operation as of September 2018.  They have guided us in making the right choices for our website and have been very thorough in determining our needs."

Magasin Berchicci - Spécialités Italiennes

December 2018 – 1

Hunter Expositions - Mr. Gery Hunter

"I have had the occasion to work on several projects with various members of the i4 Technologies team.  Each project has been successfully completed to our satisfaction and  then a bit more  in each case.  The key members of the team  are a pleasure to work with and take care to explain clearly the details  and the expectations for each phase of our projects.  As such, we have other projects planned with them and expect to continue this relationship as we move forward."

December 2018 – 2

Gibraltar Remembrance Services LLC - Mr. Mark Kays

"It’s hard to express how helpful I4Technologies has been. They created a business program for us, and thru the development of it, the i4 Team could not have been more understanding. Their approach to working with us on our business model, our needs and issues, along with their response time on correcting obstacles we were working on was the best I have ever worked with and seen. They also hosted our program and our connectivity was never better. It’s a pleasure to work with people that you know care about you and your company. Thru the years working with them, they feel like friends. I highly recommend I4Technonolgies to anyone, you will not be disappointed, they are some of the best in the business at what they do."

December 2018 – 4

MP Repro - Mrs. Carmela Martinez

"We have been pleased to work with the team at i4 Technologies since 2012 for our various IT needs as well as for web-based software development. Their prompt response to critical issues day or night has been invaluable. They took the time to understand our business and have exceeded our expectations for both service and support. They understand the critical nature of our operations and work to ensure our continuity of service. Their proactive approach has been a tremendous asset and we view them as an "expert partner" in maintaining our technology needs and planning for further growth."

January 2019 – 12